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July 8, 2019

SIG’s Gearbox Giveaway Works to Promote National Shooting Sports Month

As a manufacturer in the shooting sports industry, SIG Sauer thinks it’s important to proactively support the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) and the shooting sports in general.

“It is never in question for us,” says SIG’s Manager of Media Relations and Communications, Samantha Piatt, as she explains that NSSF’s mission of promoting, protecting and preserving hunting and the shooting sports is something SIG is dedicated to supporting, because the company has a big platform and a voice that reaches a lot of people. According to Piatt, the more people SIG can encourage to enjoy recreational shooting, the better it is for the industry. “It is something we want to support and feel that it is something we should support,” she adds. “It’s important we use the resources we have for support and let our consumers know that we support NSSF and that we would appreciate their support for it as well.”

SIG SAUER National Shooting Sports Month Rifle
An M400 TREAD rifle and all the accessories will be one of the highlights in SIG’s Gearbox Giveaway it’s contributing in support of National Shooting Sports Month.

One way SIG is helping to support the mission of NSSF is by getting behind the #LetsGoShootingTM initiative for National Shooting Sports Month® each August and the +ONESMMovement that encourages people to bring new shooters to the range.

“Last year we showcased National Shooting Sports Month mostly through our social media efforts to raise awareness for it,” explains Piatt. “We did host an event at the SIG Academy, but it was a big social media push for the most part on our end.”

SIG SAUER National Shooting Sports Month Gearbox
Gearbox Giveaway fans can look forward to an optics-ready SIG P320 RX Compact (left) and a realistic SIG M17 ASP air pistol (right) as part of SIG’s Gearbox prize.

Piatt explained that last year SIG “took the direction of what NSSF was doing” on its social media by using the various hashtags NSSF came up with — #LetsGoShooting, #LetsGoHuntingTM and new for this year #PlusOneMovement — in its own content. “A lot of it was organic,” says Piatt, “and things that we thought of in messaging that were important. For example, ‘Get out and shoot with your children,’ ‘Teach people to responsibly shoot,’ ‘Go hunting,’ things like that.”

This year, SIG is increasing its support of the month-long campaign by contributing a SIG Gearbox Giveaway, increasing its outreach effort and offering ongoing webstore promotions for the entire month. “Our Gearbox includes an M400 TREAD rifle and all the accessories. It’s a lot of stuff actually,” says Piatt. “We have a P320 Compact RX pistol, an M17 ASP airgun and a BDX optic system, which is the riflescope and rangefinder paired with our app. And then we have ammo for everything, CO2 cartridges and SIG Sauer gear that goes with it all, so it’s really a good representation of the broad range of products we have here at SIG. I think people will really enjoy it.”

SIG SAUER National shooting sports month Ammo
Though not specific about all the products that will be available during its August webstore promotions, SIG did say they would be “logical” items to help people shoot more.

Piatt says SIG took a lot of direction from NSSF to help promote the month, noting, “This year we definitely have a more organized effort for National Shooting Sports Month, and I think a huge part of that is because NSSF has made it much easier. NSSF reached out to us and asked, ‘Will you participate in this?’ and I think that has made it really easy for industry partners like SIG to participate.”

To help get the word out, Piatt says SIG will be incorporating messaging about National Shooting Sports Month and the +ONE Movement in its advertising and social media. SIG is also working on a communication plan to roll out to its dealers showing how they can get involved. “Whatever reach we have within the firearms industry and the community, we will use to support the efforts of the NSSF to make this year’s National Shooting Sports Month the biggest ever,” says Piatt.

Piatt explains that SIG is working on the logistics and scheduling events in an effort to help NSSF reach its goal of 2,000 August events this year. “I would absolutely look for SIG to participate through the SIG Sauer Academy, because it is so unique and it’s the best training,” she says.

SIG SAUER - National Shooting Sports Month Events
To support #LetsGoShooting and the #PlusOneMovement, the SIG Academy will list events on NSSF’s calendar and its own website.

And to help make it easier for shooters to find such events, Piatt says SIG is including 100 percent of them on NSSF’s event calendar at and is encouraging its range and dealer partners to do the same. “We’re going to send out a press release showing our support of listing everything we’re doing as far as the Gearbox and the web promotion and the +ONE event at SIG Sauer Academy, probably pretty close to the August kick-off. I would look for that the last full week of July or so. And people can come to our website, where we’ll have everything listed there as well.

As for SIG’s webstore promotions, Piatt would not give specifics at this time but said specials would be “logical” things to help people shoot more. “We’re going to have some significant webstore promotions to support National Shooting Sports Month during the entire month, available to all consumers, so we encourage them to get out, participate and learn about the shooting sports,” she says. “I think the webstore promotion will really be something that we didn’t do last year that we’ll take the opportunity to do this year.”

Clearly, the importance of National Shooting Sports Month has made an impact at SIG. Its support for NSSF and the shooting sports in general and specifically the #LetsGoShooting and #PlusOneMovement show that the company is committed to its customers’ safe enjoyment of the shooting sports. Said Piatt, “We want to be out in front of it, we want to be a leader for National Shooting Sports Month in the industry and we’re excited about it.”

Take the +ONE Pledge here and here.

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