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July 23, 2020

Showing We Care: Support the Lifesaving Work of the American Red Cross

By Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President & CEO

NSSF® launched our Gun Owners CareSM initiative at the 2020 SHOT Show® as a way to gather the voices of the firearm-owning public and show our country that American firearm owners are good people doing good things for their families, their friends, their neighbors and their communities. The initiative was well-received and gained immediate traction with members of the firearm industry and consumers across the board, with all signs pointing toward messaging that resonated with people from all walks of life.

What we didn’t expect, what no one could have anticipated, was the world we’re living in now.

You could easily have forgotten all about Gun Owners Care. But you didn’t. In fact, not only did you not forget about Gun Owners Care, you rose to the occasion.

Manufacturers of all sizes throughout our industry looked at their machinery and their wealth of skilled labor professionals, and immediately put them to work making safety glasses, masks, face shields and hand sanitizer. Employees everywhere fed first responders, crafted more masks on sewing machines at home and set up food banks for communities struggling with pandemic shortages. And through it all, you’ve legally armed millions of people who, over the last several months, have come to truly understand what self-reliance and personal responsibility mean.

We are proud of you. You have amply, genuinely demonstrated that Gun Owners Care. And you will rise to the challenge time and time again. It’s who you are. Because of that, I’m asking you now to step up one more time and join NSSF in our fundraiser for the American Red Cross.

It’s not just about getting through the pandemic. The people of the American Red Cross are there whenever tragedy strikes, from an apartment fire in the city or a tornado ravaging a small Midwest farming community to hurricanes on the Eastern Seaboard and the summer wildfires of the West. They provide global aid ranging from childhood vaccines to the most vulnerable citizens of developing countries, food, clothing, water and resource support in times of crises like drought and famine. They are ardent, critical supporters of our U.S. military members and their families, and they are, of course, the lynchpin in the process of collecting blood donations and distributing them to medical facilities across the country.

More than, perhaps, at any other time in recent memory, the American Red Cross needs your help to deliver their lifesaving mission. Please, join us in donating today. Whether $5 or $5,000, every dollar counts. Our goal is to raise $10,000 through this fundraiser over the next three months—and if your generosity over the past few months is any indication, we have an excellent chance of topping that. We also encourage you to donate blood where you can. This link has the details (just enter your zip code in the indicated box), and it also provides information on how all blood donations are being tested for COVID-19 antibodies, which is key to ending this health crisis and preventing a devastating resurgence.


We will get through all of the struggles we’re going through. We will get back to normal. And we will make our voices heard and show our country we’re fighting the good fight for the benefit of all Americans. We are Gun Owners Care.

Note: All donations made to NSSF’s page for the American Red Cross go directly to that organization.


Join our Gun Owners Care blood donation team

Gun Owners Care Blood Doanation Team
Join our Gun Owners Care blood donation team and help save lives. Simply download the “Blood Donor” app and on the bottom right click on “Impact.” From there you can search Gun Owners Care and join our group.


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