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January 31, 2023

SHOT Show Rewind: Georgia State Rep. Martin Momtahan

By Matt Manda

Georgia Republican state Rep. Martin Momtahan attended SHOT Show® 2023 for the first time to tell firearm manufacturers and retailers that Georgia continues to be open for business.

Rep. Momtahan told NSSF’s Trevor Santos that he is committed to making Georgia a hospitable place for the firearm industry by prioritizing Second Amendment issues and combating “woke” banks and efforts to discriminate against lawful businesses that are integral to Georgia’s economy.

Rep. Momtahan said he felt like he was in good company with the tens of thousands of SHOT Show attendees.

“Whether you’re manufacturing, you’re retailing – we are so thankful for everything that they do,” he said. “This is a thriving industry in the United States, and this is only getting bigger… That’s going to define the tempo and the pace of this industry over the next five years.”

Georgia is Open for Business

Rep. Momtahan expressed optimism about business investment in Georgia’s economy.

“When I think about Georgia and economic development,” he said, “I think about the people who have laid the groundwork… You’ve got the Wallace family with Adventure Outdoors, you’ve got great partners like Marty Daniel and Daniel Defense, you’ve got H&K, you’ve got Glock… and there are so many to name, but they have laid the foundation of economic prosperity that we’ve seen in the firearms manufacturing and retail market.

“We look at the states that are doing it right – Georgia is one of those states doing it right,” Rep. Momtahan continued. “When you look at some states that aren’t doing it right… Illinois is passing a bill that would basically shut down [its] firearms manufacturing sector. My message to them is… we are ready for you with open arms in the state of Georgia – let’s build some guns.”

Second Amendment, First Priority

Georgia’s not just talking. The state is acting to protect gun rights and the gun industry.

“Under the leadership of Governor Brian Kemp and Speaker Tom Burns, we’ve done a great job in the state of Georgia of making sure that we prioritize Second Amendment issues,” Rep. Momtahan noted. “Just last year, Chairman Mandi Ballinger in the House… was the sponsor of Constitutional Carry. I was a co-sponsor, and proud to be that.

“That’s the kind of environment, that’s the kind of teamwork that it takes… to win these manufacturers,” he added.

Those legislative signs of support, along with Gov. Kemp’s track record, have paid dividends. In the past few years, Norma Precision Ammunition announced it was establishing a U.S. headquarters, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution presence in Garden City, Ga.; Remington Firearms announced the company will establish a new headquarters and expand production in LaGrange; Taurus USA moved to Bainbridge, Ga., in 2019 from Florida; and Check-Mate Industries moved from Babylon, N.Y., to Thomasville in 2018.

“Hold Their Feet to the Fire”

Rep. Momtahan is also committed to preventing banks and other financial institutions from discriminating against the firearm industry.

“This is an issue that has… [affected] retailers and manufacturers close to my district,” he added. “This is something we are announcing today at SHOT Show. We are launching a bill next week that [will] end the banking discrimination on firearm manufacturers and retailers to make sure they know that Georgia is going to remain open for business and… that we won’t allow ‘woke’ banking that wants to shut down law-abiding citizens and businesses.

“We’re going to hold their feet to the fire,” Rep. Momtahan told Santos. “We’re going to make sure that manufacturers in the state of Georgia and law-abiding citizens know that we are the Number One place.

“If you’re looking to manufacture a firearm, we’re ready for you in the state of Georgia.”

To watch the full SHOT TV interview with Republican Georgia state Rep. Martin Momtahan, click here.

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