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September 1, 2013

September 2013 Range Report Available Online

The September 2013 edition of The Range Report, NSSF’s E-magazine for shooting facilities, has been posted at its website, You’ll find features and departments that can help you make your range even better. Take a look:

Options & Innovations: First Shots and Second RoundBy Carolee Anita Boyles

See how ranges across the country are implementing these programs to build the ranks of shooters–and customer/members.

Real-life Scenario: County Facility Thrives During Tough TimesBy Steve Waters

Lessons can be learned from the Indian River County Public Shooting Range, where business is booming and the facility is growing.

Go Collegiate!By Tom Carpenter

Help launch a college shooting program–for your facility and for the shooting sports.

  – NSSF news for the shooting range community –
Lead Management, OSHA Compliance Workshop in New OrleansShooting ranges can be exposed to a number of liabilities, particularly in the areas of health and environment, which is why range owners or managers need to consider attending NSSF’s Lead Management and OSHA Compliance Workshop. Click here for more.
NSSF Releases ‘Proud to Be a Firearms Owner’ Pocket CardWith its new ‘Proud to Be a Firearms Owner’ pocket card, the National Shooting Sports Foundation is arming the nation’s 100 million gun owners with facts they can use to demonstrate they are law-abiding, safe, passionate in their defense of the Second Amendment and major supporters of conservation through their purchases of firearms and ammunition. Read about the content of the card and how to get one or more.
Houston Welcomes NSSF’s First Shots’ Introduction-to-Shooting ProgramNSSF’s First Shots Big City Tour rolled into Houston for three days of seminars, where four area ranges hosted 200 people. Read more about this event.
Firearm Retailer Financial Benchmarking ReportIf you are a firearm retailer and would like to see how your business performance compares to similar companies, this report is for you.
Q & A
  – Your questions answered –
How Can a Range Learn about Pertinent OSHA Requirements?Hannah Niane, a.k.a. the OSHA Lady, directs you to the sources of information and actual regulations that might concern you as a range owner or operator.
Sighting in Near SpringfieldWhen our Undercover Shooter seeks out two places in the Springfield, Mo., area to sight in her rifle for the upcoming hunting season, she discovers pickings are not plenty, but those that are available offer good, if not ideal, opportunities.
  – Views from NSSF staffers and guest contributors –
Posters with a PurposeBy Zach Snow

A valuable resource, of which many shooting ranges are not even aware, is NSSF’s set of range safety posters. Learn about what messages these posters deliver and how you can obtain them for your facility.

Are you a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation? If you aren’t, click here to view a video and learn more about the benefits of membership.
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