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February 16, 2023

Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association Joins NSSF +ONE® Movement as Official Partner

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association (RCSA) has signed on to be an official partner of the +ONE® Movement, a mentorship initiative developed by NSSF®, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, that focuses on peer-to-peer-driven development in shooting sports and hunting.

RIMFIRE Challenge Shooting Association logoThe +ONE Movement is an initiative developed by NSSF in response to studies showing millions of people want to know more about hunting and target shooting. The initiative encourages communities across the nation to participate in mentorship related to firearm safety, firearm basics, shooting sports and hunting.

Designed to introduce new shooters to the shooting sports in an exciting, family-friendly format, Rimfire Challenge matches focus on competition with .22-caliber rifles and pistols. Matches are open to shooters of all ages and shooting experience levels, with events conducted at ranges nationwide and an annual World Championship taking place each October.

The RCSA is the clearinghouse for participants and scheduled matches, and it provides the framework for events through the RCSA rule book. The organization also promotes rimfire competition to interested individuals and organizations, supports the efforts of beginning competitors and clubs, and solicits support for rimfire events from organizations and industry businesses interested in sustaining a shooting sport that provides opportunities for participants of all skill levels.

“RCSA is looking forward to a long relationship with NSSF,” stated RCSA Board President Peter Swenson. “Shooting is a lifetime activity. Getting kids and family members shooting together will build amazing bonds!”

A major barrier for people wanting to learn about hunting and target shooting is that basic knowledge of them is not passed down from adults to youth as commonly as it once was. That’s where programs that inspire mentoring can make a huge difference. According to recent research, if just one out of three target shooters and hunters can introduce someone new to the shooting sports, they can help secure a strong future for generations to come.

NSSF asks its member businesses, outdoor media and content creators on social media to help spread the word about the +ONE Movement, reminding everyone in the firearm-owning community that they can play a role in establishing a secure future for hunting and shooting sports.

For all the shooting sports and hunting have done to enrich your life, join the +ONE movement and invite someone to the range or afield. Learn more about the +ONE Movement on ( and (


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