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August 5, 2014

Retailers and Compliance — A Proactive Approach Wins Every Time

As a firearms retailer, how you conduct the business of transferring a legal firearm to a qualified buyer can change in the blink of an eye. New regulations get passed, new controls get put in place — and that makes negotiating the Federal Form 4473 a challenge at times.

It’s a challenge to keep up with new changes in laws and regulations, but it’s imperative that retailers do. Otherwise, you’re guaranteed to fall behind — or worse.

This is why the NSSF recommends retailers — old, new, and especially those thinking about becoming FFL holders and retailers — participate in one of its many Firearm Retailer Seminars held throughout the year and across the country. In these seminars, you’ll sit side by side with fellow retailers from your region and learn from high-ranking ATF officials how to keep your business running squeaky clean and on the legal high road. Vital information provided in these five-hour sessions includes:

  • Error-proofing your 4473
  • Straw purchase detection
  • Gun show sales
  • NICS background check process
  • Conducting an accurate firearms inventory

Each seminar concludes with a lively question-and-answer discussion, one that leaves most attendees saying, “I didn’t know that! Glad I was here!” It’s a unique opportunity to have all your questions answered.

The NSSF’s Retailer Education Seminars are completely free to our Members. Non-members will pay just $100 to attend — with our memberships starting at $75, if you’re not a member, then joining really becomes a “win-win” once you walk through the seminar doors. So join us, won’t you? The NSSF’s mission is to “promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports” — Retailer Education Seminars are just one way we make that happen.


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