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March 29, 2020

Remington Arms Does What it Does Best—Rise to the Occasion—in Fighting COVID-19

In the face of the growing COVID-19 outbreak, Remington Arms is stepping up to support those on the front lines fighting the virus.

Remington Arms CEO Ken D’Arcy says the company’s manufacturing facility in Ilion, New York, could be used to make “ventilators, surgical masks, hospital beds or any other products mission-critical to the war on coronavirus,” and is offering to convert the factory if New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo requests the company’s help.

In a letter sent to Cuomo on Monday, D’Arcy told the governor that there’s 1-million square feet of manufacturing capacity that’s currently not being used by the company, and says that “Remington is ready to enlist in wartime production.” Read the full story here.


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