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October 15, 2015

Range Operations Expert Bryan Stear to Speak at 2016 SHOT Show University

For retailers looking to expand their physical businesses through the addition of a shooting range, there are hundreds of details to look at before bringing in the contractors. One of the most important tasks such enterprises should tackle when looking to grow their physical footprint through a new range—and yet many don’t—is analyzing the demographics of the surrounding community.

Why you should be performing that kind of in-depth data drilldown and learning to spot the factors that can make or break the success of a store build-out or range add-on will be one of the headlining topics of discussion during the Range Development learning track of the 2016 SHOT Show University. “Accurately Assessing Your Local Demographics” will be presented by Bryan Stear, owner and operator of Shoot Indoors, a successful indoor shooting range based in Broomfield, Colorado, close to the Denver metropolitan area. Stear also runs a successful shooting range consulting service helping entrepreneurs and venture capital firms who want to optimize their business plans using data analytics and demographics to smartly design and locate new ranges, and he is the designer behind the patent-pending TAPER-Range, a range design platform created to overcome many of the common financial hurdles of range builds, especially those related to investments in mechanical range equipment, as well as reduce a range’s footprint though improved layout efficiencies.

With a background in mechanical engineering and astrophysics, Stear is all about the details and making them work for firearms retailers and range owners. After working with NSSF and our Customized Market Reports and realizing the tremendous benefits those analytics can provide today’s FFLs, he then reached out to us to talk about where the data had led him during the initial phases of planning Shoot Indoors and how he continues to use demographic data in his range consulting services. With more and more retailers looking to add a shooting range facility to their storefront retail enterprises, that’s when we realized that Stear and his extensive knowledge base would make for an excellent and expert SHOT Show University presentation.

Registration for the 2016 SHOT Show and SHOT Show University are now open. Following last year’s success with ticket restructuring, once again NSSF will offer its Premium Retailer members one complimentary ticket to SHOT Show University. Tickets for any other NSSF member level and additional tickets for Premium Retailer members are $250. Non-NSSF members are welcome to attend, with a ticket price of $500. This event is always a sell-out, so retailers are urged to complete their registration for the show and SHOT Show University as soon as possible. For more information, including the link to the full University course description, click here. Need to upgrade your membership or join NSSF? Visit and click on the membership link.


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