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February 26, 2009

NSSF’S Response To AG Holder’s Comments on Assault Weapons Ban

In response to Attorney General Eric Holder's comments yesterday about reinstating the assault weapons ban, the National Shooting Sports Foundation issued a press release reminding Congress and all Americans that such a ban would result in a loss of jobs, have no effect on reducing crime and would deprive millions of law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners of their Constitutional right to own the firearm of their choice.

The video here shows Holder making his comments at a news conference covering the issue of criminals smuggling illegal guns from the United States to drug dealers in Mexico, a situation that NSSF President Steve Sanetti says would not be "remedied by legislation that would violate the rights of Americans to own semi-automatic firearms" for hunting, sporting or personal defense purposes.

The erroneous term "assault weapons" is one that is deliberately used by gun-ban advocates to create confusion between legally sold, semi-automatic rifles and look-a-like, fully automatic military versions. While the civilian version of these rifles may resemble their military counterparts, the civilian rifle fires only one round with each pull of the trigger. Additionally, these rifles fire ammunition calibers no more powerful than traditional-looking sporting arms. Learn more about the "assault weapons" issue and watch a helpful video to understand the difference between civilian and military versions of this rifle here.

</p> <p>During a Feb. 25 press conference, Attorney General Eric Holder commented that the Obama Administration will attempt to reinstate a ban against semi-automatic rifles.</p> <p>

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