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May 11, 2015

NSSF Urges Target Shooters and Hunters to Help Prevent Wildfires

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May 11, 2015

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NSSF Urges Target Shooters and Hunters
to Help Prevent Wildfires

Provides Warning Poster and Audio PSA

NEWTOWN, Conn. — Throughout the parched American West, the potential for wildfires is high. Summer has yet to arrive and already fire restrictions have been issued for some national forests and other public lands. The cost for fighting wildfires this year could exceed $1 billion—a staggering amount that does not include tolls on property, wildlife, habitat and humans.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation encourages target shooters and hunters to do their part to help prevent wildfires. NSSF offers a poster and audio public service announcement containing prevention guidelines for use throughout this fire season.

The poster encourages firearms owners to know the rules, regulations and fire-danger levels before going target shooting or hunting in fire-prone areas; to minimize the risk of starting a fire by not using ammunition that is steel-jacketed or contains steel-core components; to not use tracer rounds or exploding targets; to remember that a vehicle or ATV’s hot exhaust pipes could ignite a fire; and to properly extinguish campfires, among other fire-prevention measures.

The poster is available in two sizes—the standard 8.5 x 11 inches and a larger 11 x 17 size—and is suitable for displaying at shooting ranges, firearms retail shops and outdoor-equipment stores, as well as sharing on websites, blogs and social media sites.

NSSF’s 30-second PSA is suitable for radio, television and Internet use. The straight-forward message is—”Wildfires have many causes—don’t be one of them!” Download the mp3 file.

Help prevent wildfires by sharing these fire-prevention messages.

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