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March 25, 2021

NSSF Unveils Revised Star Rating System for Outdoor Ranges

NEWTOWN, Conn. — NSSF® has announced a revamped Star Rating System for outdoor range businesses that can guide existing ranges and developers of new ranges in creating professional facilities that will succeed in attracting a wide range of customers.

NSSF Outdoor Ranges Star Rating System“NSSF’s new outdoor range rating system is based on our vision of a safe, well-managed, customer-oriented facility that is a strong promoter of recreational shooting in their market,” said Zach Snow, NSSF’s Director of Retailer and Range Business Development. “We encourage all outdoor ranges to review the criteria in the rating system and make improvements where practicable for the benefit of their venue and customers.”

The system encourages ranges to strive for a Five-Star rating, which is the gold standard for the firearm industry and honors ranges that through best business practices have developed a business that customers know is in the top tier and worthy of their patronage.

The NSSF Star Rating System can be used in many ways by range operators and developers, among them:

  • Existing outdoor ranges can identify rating system criteria that may be worth incorporating into their business models to improve their facilities
  • The rating system can be used as a tool for range startups while in the business-planning and developmental stages
  • And if certain criteria do not pertain to your business model, use the rating system to refine your business practices, fill in gaps and, importantly, become aware of new technologies and practices to improve management and the customer experience

Some ranges may not be able to immediately meet the requirements needed to achieve a Five-Star rating — and that’s okay! The important thing is that your range operation is meeting the needs of your customers regardless of where you rank. From there you can use the Star rating requirements as a guide to make improvements to your business. Ratings of 3 and 4 Stars demonstrate your range’s commitment to meeting high standards — something customers value and local media and business organizations will appreciate knowing.

NSSF encourages all outdoor ranges to apply to become a Star-Rated Range. Check out the Range Program Star Rating Assessment form today to see how your business currently ranks while identifying areas you can improve upon to achieve greater success.


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