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August 22, 2011

NSSF Submits Sunday Hunting LTE in PA

The following Letter to the Editor was sent to the Express-Times (Lehigh Valley Live) concerning Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania.
30 N. Fourth St.
P.O. Box 391
Easton, PA 18044-0391

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to see that the Express-Times opposes Sunday hunting in the Keystone State (“Pennsylvania should preserve Sunday hunting ban,” August 21, 2011). This is especially troubling when one considers that most hunting in Pennsylvania occurs only from late September into early December, therefore affecting very few Sundays. In fact, depending on the game being hunted, hunting season could affect only one month of Sundays.

Families spending quality time together in the field is an American tradition that is as valid today as it was generations ago. Hunting, fishing and other forms of outdoor recreation can provide proven physical, psychological and educational benefits for our nation’s young people – given the time to participate.

An economic impact report released by a coalition of America’s leading conservation, sportsmen’s and hunting organizations including the National Shooting Sports Foundation has found that removal of Sunday hunting restrictions would result in an estimated 8,190 new Pennsylvania jobs. The report also notes that these jobs would pay more than $245 million in wages and contribute approximately $765 million in additional economic activity to the state.

Given the economic impact associated with Sunday hunting, I wonder how the local businesses in Northhampton County, many of whom derive income from hunting and advertise in the Express-Times, feel about the paper’s position. Perhaps future ad revenue will be a barometer? Of course, the ultimate measure will not be seen in dollars and cents, but in how many of today’s young people become tomorrow’s hunter-conservationists.


Christopher Dolnack
Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc.

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