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June 2, 2010

NSSF Responds to Editorial on Gun Violence

In response to an editorial yesterday in the Louisville Courier-Journal about gun violence, the National Shooting Sports Foundation sent the following response:

Industry Works to Prevent Gun Violence

The firearms industry is not accepting of gun violence and has worked for decades to prevent firearm-related accidents and the illegal acquisition of guns by criminals, who are the root cause of the injuries, deaths and associated costs cited in your editorial (Guns’ Real Cost, June 1, 2010).

Manufacturers package safety locks and manuals with nearly every new firearm produced. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry’s trade association, makes gun locking devices and safety literature available to every law enforcement department in the country through its Project ChildSafe program for distribution to gun owners—-free of charge. NSSF provides free firearm safety videos to schools. The industry cooperates with law enforcement on firearms tracing and on a nationwide campaign called Don’t Lie for the Other Guy, which helps stop illegal straw purchases. Additionally, the industry supports the mandatory FBI instant background check required for the purchase of a firearm at retail.

While your editorial focuses on the misuse of guns, we remind readers that tens of millions of Americans safely and responsibly own firearms for target shooting, hunting and personal protection.

We wish these pro-gun facts had been mentioned in your commentary.

Lawrence G. Keane

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

National Shooting Sports Foundation

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