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September 20, 2010

NSSF Research Hits International Newswires, USA Today

One key benefit that NSSF provides to its members is its research.

Another benefit is when NSSF’s research hits the national newswires spotlighting hunting and the shooting sports in a favorable manner.

That was the case this morning, when a news story, titled “Even during recession, hunting remains bulletproof industry,” was featured on the Money page of USA Today. The story was run in newspapers across the country after it hit the Gannett newswires.

This placement emphasizing the economic impact of hunting illustrates that hunting works for America. The article focused on the fact that even during tough economic times hunting license sales rose in key states and purchases of hunting-related equipment remained high.

Another example of the reach that NSSF’s research and communications efforts have can be seen in today’s International Business Times.

An article, titled “Despite recession, US firearms industry creates more jobs and pays $44,000 average salary,” provides a look at the economic impact of our industry.

We in the industry all know the invaluable role the firearms industry plays — both economically and with its contributions to wildlife conservation. There are, however, many out there that don’t know this.

Having this information publicized to an international audience is a benefit all of our members can be proud of.

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