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November 11, 2014

NSSF Range Members Can Apply for Five Star Range Evaluation and Ratings

Being the best at what you do speaks volumes to your customers. That’s why NSSF developed its Four and Five Star Range Rating program.

Devised as a tool to improve your marketing efforts, as well as set benchmarks that provide avenues for continued improvements, NSSF’s Five Star Range program starts with you, the range owner. This link will take you to the evaluation form, but, in a nutshell, here’s how it works:

We ask you to rate yourself and your facility across six areas. These include the overall appearance of your range, its amenities, management, customer and member focus and development, and your overall community relations. We ask you several questions in each category and ask you to assign a score to each part. Once you add up your score for each category, you’ll compare it to the table we’ve provided that estimates your range rating.

Did you score in the Four or Five Star Range? Send your evaluation straight to us at NSSF headquarters. When you do, include a written synopsis or overview that better describes what you do within the categories you’ve rated your business, emphasizing those that make you shine or stand out as a Five or Four Star Range.

Upon receipt, we’ll evaluate your responses, review your write-up and any additional information you send along with it such as literature you regularly provide your customers on safety and range use, member brochures, photos of your facility inside and out, a menu of services offered, etc.—and, if we think your range shows potential, we’ll send our Shooting Promotions manager for a personal, on-site visit and evaluation.  Once your range has been awarded its ranking, you’ll receive a variety of promotional items to showcase your accreditation as a Four or Five Star Range member. These include two certificates, two metal signs and two decals to proudly display around your store and on the range.  In addition, we’ll also send you a digital logo for use on your website and in any printed materials you produce. You will also be recognized on our list of Four and Five Star Ranges on the range section of the NSSF website, and further recognition of your status will appear on

For more information on NSSF’s Five Star Range program, click here. To join NSSF, click here.

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