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July 21, 2015

NSSF Program Hunting Works for America Continues Growth

I’m extremely proud to announce that Hunting Works For America has expanded its reach once again. Hunting Works For Maine officially launched in Augusta today, making it the 11th addition to the Hunting Works For America family.

When you think of Maine you think of lobster, rugged landscapes, endless outdoor opportunities and world class hunting. To be sure, Maine hunters are passionate about their sport and the heritage that’s at its core.  Around 181,000 people hunt in Maine every year and that’s just the hunters themselves, those numbers don’t reflect the kids and others who go along to enjoy the pursuit and never pull a trigger.

Maine hunting is a lot like my home state of Pennsylvania where the activity is so much more than just filling a tag.  In Maine hunting brings together multiple generations of families and becomes an important tie that bonds them together, it’s that important.  The money these hunters and families spend while pursuing their passion in the state is staggering.  In fact it translates to nearly $120 million in salaries and wages and supports nearly 4,000 Maine jobs. All that economic activity translates to a total economic ripple effect of $363 million on Maine’s economy.

That’s a huge impact.

And it’s because this type of impact is happening all over our country that we started Hunting Works For America five years ago, and it’s why we’re expanding into Maine. People need to know the important role hunting and shooting sports play in the heritage and economic health of the state. We’re looking forward to educating hunters themselves, but even more importantly, we’re looking forward to educating non-hunters, elected officials and anyone who is willing to listen.

Because of this important economic impact, we also must keep an eye on public policy decisions and hunting-related issues that impact Maine’s economy. Hunting and shooting sports face more and more challenges every day, and we’re here to weigh in and support Maine jobs.

We are thrilled about this new chapter and I look forward to seeing how these new advocates can help further strengthen the time-honored tradition of hunting in Maine.

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