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February 20, 2013

NSSF President’s Extended Interview with PBS Frontline

Image courtesy PBS Frontline

PBS has been devoting unprecedented airtime this week across all of its news programming platforms to coverage of violence in American society and gun-control issues. As part of that coverage, NSSF President Steve Sanetti agreed to participate in an extended sit-down interview for the Frontline program, which aired at 10 p.m. Tuesday night. There was no expectation going into this commitment that NSSF would agree with what Frontline producers and editors would ultimately put together in its broadcast or the conclusions they might draw on air or in any of the associated website content. The judgment made was that participating to provide the firearms industry’s perspective was important and that not doing so would allow gun-control advocacy organizations the opportunity to mischaracterize industry positions. Frontline has posted its complete interview with Steve Sanetti in written Q&A format. While the broadcast segments are now online,  those preferring to watch on television, may want to check local listings for possible rebroadcast times in various markets.

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