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May 24, 2013

NSSF Poster Urges Wildfire Prevention

Shooters & Hunters: Help Prevent WildfiresWith the fire outlook in the West already being called severe, NSSF is getting the jump on reminding target shooters and hunters to be cautious when using firearms in hot, dry environments and to share its fire-prevention poster with others in the outdoors community.

The poster is available in two sizes–the standard 8.5 x 11 inches and a larger 11 x 17 size–and is suitable for displaying at shooting ranges, firearms retail shops and outdoor-equipment stores, as well as sharing on websites, blogs and social media sites.

The poster encourages firearms owners to know the rules and regulations related to shooting in fire-prone areas; to minimize the risk of fire by not using ammunition that is steel-jacketed or has steel-core components, and by not using tracer rounds or exploding targets; to remember that a vehicle or ATV’s hot exhaust pipes could ignite a fire; and to properly extinguish campfires, among other fire-prevention measures.

Wildfires have many possible causes, and target shooters and hunters who are aware of their surroundings, cautious and responsible can make sure they are not among them.

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