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May 1, 2015

NSSF Partnership with Industry-Leading Range Ventilation Company Gives More to Members

NSSF has partnered with a U.S.-based company to provide our range members a substantial discount on a specialized fresh-air filtration system.

Developed specifically for indoor ranges, these industry-leading ventilation systems work with 100-percent treated fresh air, rather than recycled and treated exhausted air, to provide a system that’s 100-percent OSHA- and EPA-compliant. In addition to this perfected level of compliance, our affinity member benefit partner’s system is also energy efficient and ultra-reliable, lowering overhead and maintenance costs for users while greatly improving range conditions for customers and workers.

Whether you’re considering setting up a new indoor shooting range or upgrading your current facility, our affinity member benefit company will work with you to assess your range development needs and create a custom solution for you. The company also offers additional services that complement its air filtration system, such as duct work design, AC/heating equipment installation, exhaust and filter rack systems and repair and maintenance services.

For more information on this important benefit and the discounts available to NSSF members, log in to the members-only side of Not a member? Join here.

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