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November 24, 2014

NSSF Members Receive Custom-Priced Discounts on Security Solution

NSSF partners with a commercial burglary prevention firm to provide NSSF members custom-priced discounts on specialty security tools to help keep their businesses safe.

Security means more than a simple lock on the door—especially if that door has firearms and ammunition behind it.

From manufacturer and wholesaler to distributor and retailer, if you’re in the firearms business, you know that protecting your goods from theft can be a full-time job. But you can’t be at your business 24/7. That’s where the products offered by our affinity benefit provider come in.

The company NSSF chose to partner with for this benefit has been in business for more than 20 years. Its flagship product is a fog generator. The concept, according to the company, is that “burglars can’t take what they can’t see.” A unique solution to the problem of smash-and-grab burglaries, here’s how it works.

Once installed and mated with your store’s current alarm system, if the alarm is tripped, the fogging machinery is activated, completely filling your store within seconds with a dense, can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your face fog—visibility is in inches. Next, strobe lights are activated, robbing the ability of the eye to acclimate and begin to see through the fog. This light also draws attention to those on the outside, helping to draw in law enforcement or other security personnel to the violated location.

Our partner makes products that accommodate spaces from as little as 800 square feet up to those 4,000 square feet in size, making this a viable solution for small boutique stores and large warehouses. There are no special installation requirements—most licensed alarm technicians can easily pair the fogging mechanics to your existing alarm system—and the company offers full telephone and online technical support. Best of all, the company has streamlined its manufacturing and distribution channels to take what had been a high-end specialty product and make it affordable for any retailer. When paired with the added benefit of arranging for further discounts through NSSF, this company and its products are a benefit for which every NSSF member with a storefront or warehouse should take advantage.

To learn more about membership with NSSF and the many benefits afforded our members, click here.

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