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May 2, 2016

NSSF Member Benefit Provides Discount on Point-of-Sale Systems

NSSF has added a new company to its roster of Affinity Member Benefit businesses. Our newest addition offers a 10-percent discount to NSSF members on a variety of its professional services and training. The company offers turn-key products addressing point-of-sale (POS) software and hardware, along with installation and full technical support, all with the goal of keeping firearms industry businesses ATF compliant. These compliance efforts include e-bound books and electronic versions of Forms 4473 and 3310, as well as electronically monitored firearm holding periods and enhanced oversight of private-party gun transfers for those states that require them. U.S.-based technical support via email and phone are available all day, every day, and emergency on-call help is also available for those situations warranting special and immediate attention.

In addition to those products that aid in ATF compliance, this company also offers range management tools, such as lane reservation and assignments, rental fees, memberships, errorless ID scanning and facility maintenance scheduling. Inventory management tools are also offered, and many of this company’s software products integrate with other popular packages you may already have in use, such as QuickBooks, Shopify and Magento.

For more information about this Affinity Member Benefit company and the services it provides, log in to the members-only side of and click on the “NSSF Member Benefits” tab. Not a member, visit and click on the “Membership” heading at the top of the page, or contact one of our Member Services advisors at

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