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September 29, 2011

NSSF Launches Redesigned

NSSF has launched a newly redesigned, the web’s most comprehensive and frequently updated listing of shooting ranges.

The site allows anyone to search for a place to shoot in their area. Visitors simply enter their state or zip code and a list of shooting ranges is created. Searches can be further narrowed by selecting which shooting discipline you are interested in.

In addition to its popular search capability, the site now offers a number of other resources for shooters, including links to:

  • Video tips
  • Free printable targets
  • News about local shooting events and opportunities
  • Safety information
  • Descriptions of various shooting sports
  • How to find a retailer
  • Listing of 5 Star-rated shooting facilities
  • NSSF’s “Pull the Trigger” e-newsletter archive
  • Shooting organizations

Give the new site a look at

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