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September 2, 2010

NSSF Begins Planning for 2011 Congressional Fly-In

The NSSF Government Affairs team has begun planning for the 2011 Congressional Fly-In, tentatively scheduled for April 6-7. Preparations for the Fly-In follow one of the industry’s most successful legislative years in history – success largely attributable to the work undertaken during our 2010 Capitol Hill meetings. Consider the four issues raised by Fly-In attendees this year and the legislative actions that followed:

  • We talked about the need to preserve and defend traditional ammunition.
    Result:  After the EPA considered banning traditional ammunition last month, members of Congress flooded the agency with calls to reject any petition calling for such a ban.
  • We educated key congressmen and women about the flawed concept of firearms microstamping and the need for a formal federal study to set the record straight.
    Result:  Just last month a federal study bill was introduced. This study bill coincided with the defeat of a microstamping bill (6005A) in New York that was backed by Mayor Bloomberg.

Clearly, the importance of the NSSF Congressional Fly-In cannot be overstated. So as we begin planning for our 2011 Fly-In, we encourage all NSSF voting members to make their attendance a priority.  More details will follow regarding this voting-member benefit.

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