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January 4, 2012

NSSF Awards Grants to Collegiate Shooting Programs

Since the start of its Collegiate Shooting Sports Initiative three years ago, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has awarded nearly $600,000 to  college programs that provide recreational and competitive target shooting opportunities to students and faculty. The program is successfully raising awareness about recreational shooting and firearm safety on campuses across the country.

In its latest round of grants, NSSF has awarded $299,200 to 41 colleges and universities. Of those schools receiving assistance, 11 are in the process of developing new shooting clubs.

Grants ranged from $10,000, an amount given mainly to schools whose programs are in the development stage, to smaller amounts to schools with established programs. Many schools have had success attracting members using introductory seminars such as NSSF’s First Shots and social media sites such as Facebook.

Schools with established programs are serving as models for others interested in developing shooting clubs and varsity teams. Widespread interest prompted NSSF to develop its “How to Start a Club” resource guide. The document is filled with helpful advice on starting both competitive teams and recreational shooting clubs, and includes samples of membership forms and club bylaws.

There are many success stories related to CSSI grants, as Blaine Morgan of Radford University notes, “The NSSF grant has redefined the shooting experience and the entire community here at Radford. We have tripled the size of our team. Our members are outgoing and proudly represent the shooting sports. We are extremely grateful to the NSSF. We could not have done it without their generosity.”

See the 41 schools that received grants and learn about their programs in NSSF’s press release.

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