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June 15, 2016

NSSF Announces New Star-Rating Range Program

By Zach Snow

I am pleased to announce the launch of NSSF’s completely revamped Star-Rating Range Program. Created to acknowledge those indoor shooting range facilities that excel across a wide variety of criteria, the new rating system not only highlights those ranges that have made significant strides in maintaining an outstanding facility to the public, provide excellent customer service and work with their communities to be seen as positive business influences, but is also one that also serves as guidance for those ranges not at the top of their game but seeking out the avenues to get there. The program criteria will also serve as a tool for those in the start-up or developmental stages of establishing an indoor range and retail business.

The all-new NSSF Star-Rating Range Program replaces the original Five and Four Star Range program that was discontinued in 2015. The new program allows for star ratings of any range, beginning with one star for NSSF non-member ranges utilizing the “Where to Shoot” range location service listing on NSSF’s, and two stars for NSSF member ranges that have not submitted an application for higher star rating. Three, four or five stars, based on a point system, will be awarded to those NSSF member-ranges submitting an application for evaluation and meeting various levels of approved criteria. That criteria spans a wide variety of elements, from those expected such as filtration systems, climate control and overall facility cleanliness, to those that work to provide a top-level shooter experience, including promotional events, instruction, staff education, and work with area non-profits and youth organizations. Currently available only for indoor shooting range and retail businesses, NSSF expects to expand this program to outdoor ranges and private shooting clubs in the future.

The new Star-Rating Range Program provides for reevaluation every three years, and that, coupled with a much more comprehensive and in-depth set of criteria for making the grade, is intended to help ranges provide a consistently high-quality experience for their customers. The new program should also serve as a benchmark for excellence that the recreational shooting public can depend on and the firearms industry as a whole look towards as an example of how we do business safely, reliably and at the highest level of professionalism.”

For more details on the Star-Rating Range Program, including the evaluation criteria, go to In order to submit an application, NSSF member ranges will first need to order the official application through the member’s only shopping cart. Once the self-evaluation and supporting documentation is complete, applicants should contact me at, telephone 203-426-1320, ext. 224, or mail their submission package to his attention at NSSF, 11 Mile Hill Rd, Newtown, CT 06470-2359. NSSF staff, along with members of their Range Advisory Council, will review the application and the supporting documentation provided within it to determine if the applicant makes the grade. As the final step to the evaluation process, a site visit will occur for those ranges that appear to have met the required point criteria for three-, four- or five-star ratings, and those ranges ultimately ranked as one of these three top assessments will receive an awards plaque and other items for promotional use on their range and website. Not an NSSF range member? Sign up here.


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