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May 24, 2017

New Research Tools Provide Insights into the Minds of Firearm Owners

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) and Southwick Associates have announced new products and services to help the industry develop strong personal connections with their target audiences, identify better products and increase sales.

The initial, landmark report — Consumer Segmentation Analysis of the U.S. Commercial Firearms & Accessories Market — is now available, with a discount for NSSF members. Presented in an infographic format, this 150+ page report describes in detail the eight major consumer segments that comprise the U.S. firearms market, such as their needs and motivations for owning a firearm, what they buy, where they shop, preferred media and much more. The NSSF webinar (below) describing this consumer segmentation project is available and information about the report is available from Southwick Associates. Chris Dolnack, Senior VP and CMO at NSSF, notes that “This type of research helps the industry better understand customer personas and will assist with personalizing messages appropriately to help increase engagement and ultimately, conversions for brands.”

Building on this landmark consumer segmentation study, a series of infographics and detailed reports will be released over the next several months, focusing on the diverse needs and aspirations of key markets, including modern sporting rifle owners, urban firearm owners, female gun owners and more.

The first supporting infographic is now available. “The Importance of Customer Segmentation” illustrates how firearm owners are so dramatically different. “There is a big opportunity for the industry to engage new audiences and increase sales, but it will be important for brands to speak their language and understand their needs,” says Nancy Bacon, Vice President of Southwick Associates. “This infographic explains how information on consumer segments can help companies better connect with customers and provide the right products.”

In addition, brands can segment their own markets to see which personas make up their most loyal customers and best growth opportunities. “With new brands coming to market, manufacturers can’t afford to take a wait-and-see approach for developing their product and marketing strategies. Through our tools, we can work with brands to help them understand which segments they need to focus on,” added Nancy Bacon.

This new consumer segmentation service is based on a proprietary database containing responses from more than 100,000 detailed consumer surveys and extensive statistical research. For more information on the full customer segmentation report and pricing, visit, or contact Lee at To inquire about custom insights, contact


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