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August 17, 2010

New NSSF Newsletter Has Tips for Hunters, Shooters

Recognizing that many hunting and shooting participants are “at risk” of becoming inactive because they are not prompted or encouraged to get out on a regular basis, NSSF has launched a new monthly consumer newsletter–Pull The Trigger–designed to engage a broad spectrum of firearms owners with helpful tips, videos and articles. You can view past beta-test issues and sign up to receive Pull The Trigger free of charge.

Pull The Trigger readers are target shooters (competitive and recreational), hunters, collectors, individuals interested in home and personal protection, and, as mentioned, those who are no longer active in the shooting sports.

Pull The Trigger’s content can provide the motivation to get people fired up about participating in the shooting sports and hunting, whether for the first time or the hundredth time. Content includes original articles and video segments produced by NSSF, as well as links to articles and how-to video by other experts in the hunting and shooting community.

NSSF encourages the re-use of Pull The Trigger content. Any business, organization or agency with an e-mail database of hunters and shooters will find that the content of “Pull The Trigger” provides an excellent way to stay in touch with recipients, provide added value, encourage participation in the shooting sports and drive traffic to websites.

We all know about how much fun and how rewarding target shooting and hunting can be. The goal of Pull The Trigger is to remind participants of that so they’re inspired to head out to the range or afield, preferably with family and friends.

Happy reading.

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