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October 24, 2016

New Jersey Passes Direct Sales to Law Enforcement Bill

The New Jersey Assembly Thursday passed (73-0) an NSSF-sponsored bill to change state law to allow manufacturers to sell firearms directly to law enforcement agencies. Earlier this year, a police department was buying two select-fire rifles directly from a manufacturer when ATF disapproved the Form 5 based on New Jersey law, which both ATF and the Attorney General misinterpreted as mandating that all firearms (not just NFA items) sold to law enforcement agencies must go through an in-state firearms retailer. NSSF was unable to get the Attorney General’s office to change its interpretation and ATF would not approve the Form 5 without consent that a direct transfer was permissible.

As a result, NSSF had legislation introduced to fix this problem and allow direct sales to law enforcement. The bill had previously passed the Senate. It now goes to Gov. Christie’s desk and he is expected to sign it. The Attorney General has already drafted amended regulations to implement the new law. And ATF is prepared to promptly approve the Form 5.

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