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May 28, 2020

Nation’s Best Sports Thanks NSSF for COVID-19 Response. Says, “NSSF is our voice”

Nation’s Best Sports highlights NSSF-led efforts related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Become a member today – because if not now, then when?

NSSF®, the firearm industry trade association, has worked hard during the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure our members have been allowed to stay in business.

Don’t take our word for it, though. David Stockmeyer, Executive Vice President of Nation’s Best Sports, recently extended thanks and accolades to NSSF on behalf of its own members.

Stockmeyer’s words are immensely appreciated and encouraging for us but they should also be seen as reassuring to the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade as a whole.

In his message, Stockmeyer referred specifically to an effort by NSSF to inform the Department of Homeland Security on the essential nature of our firearm and ammunition manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors and ranges—all of which should be explicitly listed as part of our nation’s Critical Infrastructure.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, NSSF has been one of the largest voices in protecting the rights of the shooting sports industry,” said Stockmeyer.

But that’s not all. The NSSF team has worked in each state and many community localities to ensure our industry and the critical roles it plays are not hampered by well-intended executive orders seeking to stem the spread of the virus. This includes informing and educating our members on ever-changing regulations and conducting business both safely and successfully.

“They taught our retailers how to benchmark success during this new strange world of retail,” said Stockmeyer. “NSSF is our voice. As long as we do the right things, they will always have our collective backs.”

He’s right, we’re in this together, but it’s your participation that helps make our collective voice stronger.

To our members, we salute you. To those still on the sidelines, we’re waiting to welcome you—because if not now, then when?

Become an NSSF member today!

Nation’s Best Sports is a sporting goods buying group with nearly 400 retail members representing more than 1,000 store locations in the U.S. and Canada.


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