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November 24, 2008

Media Gets it Right on Lead Ammo

After several weeks where all too many articles about eating game harvested with lead ammunition were negative, it seems as though more and more members of the media are understanding the true facts.

Take a recent article by Connie Mertz, "Lead ammo does not spoil harvested game." This reporter took the time to ask all the right questions, understanding that "researchers" who have ties to anti-hunting groups may not be the most accurate sources of information when it comes to issues of game and ammunition.

In her piece, Ms. Mertz identified that the dermatologist who started the lead ammunition scare was actually a member of the Peregrine Fund — an organization dedicated to eliminating the use of lead ammunition for hunting (The dermatologist serves on the Fund's Board of Directors).

She also addressed the fact that, according to the recent CDC Study of blood lead level in hunters , hunters actually have a lower blood lead level than the average American.

Perhaps most noteworthy though, the reporter reached out to the head of Hunters Sharing the Harvest (HSH) — a group responsible for donating venison to the hungry. Commenting for the HSH, John Plowman said, "Donated meat is processed into ground venison burger, and butchers have several inspection opportunity 'windows' to remove any foreign material, including ammunition fragments. I do not foresee any problem with the quality or edibility of donated deer meat and I eat it all the time. It should be noted there have been no advisories issued by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Department of Health or any other public agencies about any lead problems with Pennsylvania venison. The NSSF is right on target," he emphasizes, referring to the NSSF statement on the safety of eating game taken with lead ammunition.

Reporting like this is what will help save the heritage of hunting. People need to know the facts about lead ammunition and the real threat to our health — politically driven de facto bans on healthy, low-fat, high-protein food affecting the growing number of America's hungry in these times of economic uncertainty and increasing unemployment.

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