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May 3, 2016

Learn from Your Peers at the 2016 NSSF Industry Summit

Firearm industry professionals are gathering in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, next month to grow, network and learn together as part of the NSSF Industry Summit. NSSF has designed a jam-packed agenda that we hope motivates and inspires our attendees — and we’d like you to be one of them.

The Industry Summit features respected speakers such as Tara Jaye Frank, Corporate Culture Advisor for Hallmark, Clint Hurdle, the general manager of a pretty famous local baseball team, and renowned author Paco Underhill, writer of Why We Buy. Further, CEOs from Hornady, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Leupold will gather for a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities our industry faces.

This year, NSSF strongly encourages state fish and wildlife agency professionals to attend, and we’ve invited three agency professionals to present a number of break-out sessions Tuesday afternoon just for you. Need more information? Consider this:

  1. Hispanic Outreach — You have heard it a thousand times. America is changing, but the face of our hunting and shooting sport ranks are not. Gather for the panel discussion entitled “The First Steps in Hispanic Outreach,” featuring Alix Pedraza, Hispanic Outreach Coordinator for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, and discover ways you and your agency can involve new hunters and target shooters in your state.
  2. Technology — How many licenses do you sell each year? What is your churn rate? Do your licensing systems “talk?” Learn from Texas Parks and Wildlife staff members Dr. John Taylor and Mike Hobson as they explain the technology and tricks of their licensing system, which generates approximately $100 million in revenue for TWPD through recreational and commercial license, permit and endorsement sales, allows the agency to target constituents who churn through their licenses, and provides data analytics that help recruit, retain and reactivate buyers. Learn their secrets and apply their strategies to your own licensing systems.
  3. Human Dimensions and R3 — Hunters are aging, and now R3 professionals have the capability to predict when a large portion will age out of their license buying populations. In this special session you’ll learn as Arizona Game & Fish Department’s Dr. Loren Chase describes how state fish and wildlife agencies are starting to understand the broad shift away from hunting and angling that many of their customers are beginning to make and how his work is causing many professionals to question their marketing strategies. If recruitment and retention are part of your goals, this is one presentation you will not want to miss.

The 2016 Industry Summit will be held June 6-8 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Seating is limited, so register today to take advantage of discounted prices and to secure your hotel room. Go to for more information and to view the summit agenda.

Questions about your registration? Contact Samantha Pedder at [email protected].

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