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December 12, 2016

Keeping Pace with the Holiday Rush — 7 Tips To Prevent Inventory Loss

We’re just two weeks away from Christmas, and with the holiday rush, as well as the hectic time post-holidays with gift card redemptions, we’ve prepared a quick checklist of things you can do to ensure your inventory doesn’t walk through the front door without visiting the cash register first.

  1. Assign a greeter to welcome customers in and check customers out at entry doors. It is perfectly acceptable to check receipts against packages when customers are leaving, just as they do in Costco and other high-traffic retail establishments.
  2. Like a jeweler does with expensive items, show one firearm at a time. Too many on the counter at one time is an invitation to have one swiped when your head is turned for a quick second.
  3. Meet with your staff and remind them to be extra vigilant to customer activity on the sales floor to prevent shoplifting and pilferage.
  4. Be sure your security cameras are working and recording properly.
  5. Display higher-value holiday gift items in clear view of all sales personnel, rather than hidden behind other display kiosks.
  6. Keep higher-value excess stock in stock rooms until it can be properly displayed or secured in cases.
  7. Keep display shelves and peg hooks filled to control inventory and identify when items are missing more easily.

Finally, it pays to be extra alert for straw man purchases. This busy time of year is prime time for illegal gun purchasers to strike, because they’re counting on your staff not remembering a face and specifics of counter conversations. Be respectful of all your customers, but don’t be afraid to ask questions that might reveal a criminal act if your gut is telling you something’s not right. As always, NSSF’s “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” resources are always available, and you can easily use them in morning staff meetings before the store opens as quick refreshers.

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