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July 1, 2011

June Photo Contest Winners; July’s Theme Is Handguns

"Pass It On"

Ten individuals who posted photos that captured the fun and excitement of their hunts or their day target shooting with family members and friends were voted prizewinners in NSSF’s 50th Anniversary Photo Contest for June on Facebook.

The July contest begins today with a new theme: “Post a photo with a handgun target-shooting theme. (Suggestion: A photo of you with your handgun and your target from the range.)

View the prizewinning photos for the June contest.

The top prizewinner for the month was Joe Lewis of New York for a photograph he titled “Pass It On. ” He wins a $50 gift card to Cabela’s plus a copy of NSSF’s 50th Anniversary history publication and 50th Anniversary commemorative coin.

Nine other winners will receive the NSSF history book and coin. They are KaLeigh Kubatzke of Illinois, Tammy Paczkowski of Minnesota, Ryan Ferry of Utah, Kevin Naze of Wisconsin, Robin Sharpless of New York, Matthew Carmel of New Jersey, Chris McDonald of Mississippi, Leaha Wirth of Oregon, and Chad Dacus of Mississippi.

Contest photos may be posted during the first three weeks of each month, with the last week devoted to voting for the winners. To post a photo, an individual must first “Like” the NSSF Facebook page, which currently has more than 6,000 fans.

Monthly themes associated with NSSF’s 50-year history are related to target shooting, youth participation, family and friends, hunting, wildlife conservation and activities involving AR-style modern sporting rifles and handguns.

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