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June 6, 2013

June 2013 Range Report Available Online

The June 2013 edition of The Range Report, NSSF’s E-magazine for shooting facilities, has been posted at its website, You’ll find features and departments that can help you make your range even better. Take a look:

Traffic Control
by Carolee Anita Boyles
Though attracting business is not a challenge for most shooting facilities these days, keeping customers happy is. Find out what some successful ranges are doing to manage their growing customer base.
Options & Innovations: Care for Your Firearms
by Carolee Anita Boyles
Here’s a rundown of products that can help you maintain your facility’s firearms.
The Difference between Right and Wrong
by Scott Kranz
Following the permit process can eliminate mistakes that may come back to bite you. See examples of the right way to do things–and the pitfalls that otherwise can present themselves.
South Texas Sporting Clays
Visits to both a scenic rural club and a more urban country club for a round of sporting clays create a variety of impressions, compliments and criticisms from our anonymous shooter/writer.
  – NSSF news for the shooting range community –
NSSF Extends Deadline to Apply for Tornado-Recovery Assistance
The National Shooting Sports Foundation has set aside $100,000 for member business impacted by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and northern Texas, and now it has extended the application deadline for this aid to June 28.
Exemplary Facilities Added to Elite List of Five Star Ranges
NSSF has lofty standards for ranges to follow to qualify for its highest rating, Five Stars. Read about the newest additions to this list of elite facilities, and learn more about how your facility might initiate the appraisal process for Five Star consideration.
Q & A
  – Your questions answered –
How should you dispose of rags and other materials used to clean the range?
Keeping a range clean is a necessity. So is properly disposing of the dirty rags and other soiled cloths used in the process. Here, Hannah Niane, alias the OSHA Lady, gives advice on how to dispose properly of these materials, based on the knowledge she has accrued as principal of a private consulting firm and as a former longtime official with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. She now offers her services as one of NSSF’s Range Action Specialists.
DAY AT THE GUN RANGE HELPS REPLACE FIREARM FANTASY WITH HARD FACTS . . . Media day at a gun range gave one writer a true insight to firearms. "Several hours of experience and instruction gave me a lot of think about," wrote Greg Jordan. "Gun fantasy needs to be replaced with gun facts before you pick up any weapon and start pulling the trigger." Read his complete newspaper column in the Bluefield (W. Va.) Daily Telegraph.
NEW FIREARMS RETAILER PROVIDES AN INDOOR SHOOTING RANGE FOR AN AREA LONG NEGLECTED . . . Here’s an encouraging story: Davis County, Utah, recently welcomed a new kind of business to one of its largest shopping districts. Now you can get all of your grocery shopping done and hit the indoor shooting range all in the same place. Get the scoop on this happy scenario.
SHOOTING SIMULATION OFFERED TO HELP WITH GUN SAFETY . . . Reno’s Miscenarios is an indoor shooting simulation using technology only found in military and police training, reported KRXI-TV. "The simulation differs from a gun range in that shooters can practice on moving targets that fire back and, therefore, learn situational awareness." Read the complete coverage.
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