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July 12, 2013

July 2013 Range Report Available Online

The July 2013 edition of The Range Report, NSSF’s E-magazine for shooting facilities, has been posted at its website, You’ll find features and departments that can help you make your range even better. Take a look:

Options & Innovations: Shedding Light on Range Needs

by Carolee Anita Boyles

Here are ways for you to meet the challenges of providing proper lighting while complying with a new law.

Range Action Specialists to the Rescue

by C. Douglas Nielsen

Who are you going to call to help solve a major challenge? This team of range consultants has already produced a stunning list of success stories.

Deal or No Deal?

by Ed Friedman

Deal of the day coupons can bring in new shooters, but when you are not sure you can count on Groupon or LivingSocial to work with firearms-related businesses, consider, also, alternatives to those popular, nationwide coupon services.

  – NSSF news for the shooting range community –
Alabama’s Selwood Farm Latest to Gain Five Stars

This sporting clays and hunting preserve operation in Alpine, Ala., has earned NSSF’s highest rating for shooting facilities. Find out more about Selwood Farm and how you can participate in the Five Star evaluation process.

SHOT Show University Takes to the Road

The popular daylong business-building series of sessions presented the day before the SHOT Show floor opens may soon be playing at a venue near you. NSSF is taking this premier retailer educational event on the road, and Louisville, Ky., is the first stop.

NSSF Expands Hunting Works for America

Hunting Works for America is working for you, as an initiative that seeks to bring into an alliance shooting sports organizations with businesses, workers and other non-traditional hunting entities through a shared interest in economic impact of hunting. Shooting facilities are prime partners. Learn more about this initiative, which now has six state chapters, with Pennsylvania the most recent to announce its formation.

Customized Market Reports for Planning Ranges and Retail Stores

One of the great services NSSF offers its members is the opportunity to order a Customized Market Report (CMR). This study tailored to your specified street address will give you an executive summary, a “potential market” page and demographic information, and much more.

Q & A
  – Your questions answered –
How to Clean Lead-Dust-Exposed Surfaces

One of the best ways to control occupational exposure to lead dust is to practice good housekeeping. That begins with controlling the accumulation of dust on countertops, working surfaces, and keyboards used in conjunction with the cash register. Read tips on how to accomplish this task from Hannah Niane, alias OSHA Lady.

Shooting in the Shadow of the Strip

The Range Report’s anonymous shooter/writer visits two indoor ranges in the heart of Las Vegas, and leaves both as a winner, but not without some disappointments. See this writer’s candid comments.

  – Views from NSSF staffers and guest contributors –
Models of Success

by Melissa Schilling

NSSF’s director of recruitment and retention recaps the successes of the NSSF Range Partnership Program, models that other ranges may wish to adopt and adapt to their own operation.

TARGET PRACTICE AND MARKSMANSHIP TRAINING SUPPORT ACT . . . This legislation would amend the Pittman-Robertson Act by adjusting the funding limitations in order to make more funds available to the states for a longer period of time for the creation and maintenance of shooting ranges. The bill also encourages federal land agencies to cooperate with state and local authorities to maintain shooting ranges and limits liability for these agencies. Read an NSSF Fact Sheet on this legislation.
WISCONSIN DNR ANNOUNCES SHOOTING RANGE GRANT PROGRAM . . . More and higher-quality shooting opportunities for the public are expected thanks to a state cost-share grant program for public and private shooting ranges. This program was announced in late June by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Read that agency’s press release on the program.
TEACHERS IN FLORIDA GO TO THE RANGE . . . A school superintendent thinks it is in the best interest of his students and faculty for the teachers to become acquainted with firearms.
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