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August 7, 2018

Jon Gordon on the Power of Positive Leadership

We’re pleased to announce that best-author Jon Gordon will be speaking at this year’s CMO Summit!

The business world is filled with obstacles to success. Whether it’s something minor like a talented employee habitually absent from work or something more critical such as a shortage of manufacturing materials or changes to the tax code, you as a leader face these issues and more every day. Indeed, nearly every person in a business leadership position will at some point feel that the world is conspiring against them and the vision they have for their company and employees can seem more like pipe dream than a real possibility.

That’s why the implementation of positive leadership is essential to your business’ success.

Many hear the term “positive leadership” and roll their eyes because they assume it’s about painting all things in glitter and sunshine, complete with rainbow-covered posters in the employee lounge declaring, “If you just believe you’re successful, then you will be successful!”  But such cheerleading isn’t what positive leadership is about.

At the CMO Summit, Jon Gordon will provide a revealing look at the practices you can take, right now, that create a company culture that unites your staff in the face of adversity and collectively seeks success. This is the new leadership way. This is positive leadership.


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