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August 17, 2011

Iowa Committee Votes to Delay Ban on Traditional Shot

The Iowa Administrative Rules Review Committee has voted (9-1) to delay the rule that would prevent the use of traditional (lead) shot for dove hunting. The issue will now be delayed until the 2012 session. If the committee fails to revisit the use of traditional shot for dove hunting by the end of the 2012 session, the ban will stand with no further discussion.

Earlier this week, NSSF issued a legislative alert encouraging all sportsmen and women in Iowa to contact members of the Administrative Rules Review Committee and urge them to remove the traditional shot restriction – a regulation that was not based on sound science. NSSF views this decision as an important first step toward wildlife management being based on sound science, not emotion and pressure from extreme environmental groups like the Sierra Club, a group which actively opposes the dove hunt. NSSF will continue to keep sportsmen in Iowa apprised of committee action (or inaction) regarding the use of traditional shot.

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