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February 19, 2017

International, U.S. Olympic Committees Seek to Eliminate Men’s Double Trap from Olympics

Photo by Nicolo Zangirolami - ©ISSF
Photo by Nicolo Zangirolami – ©ISSF

As a former USA Shooting board member, I was alarmed to learn that under the apparent direction of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) the International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF) will be holding a vote Tuesday, Feb. 21, to eliminate Men’s Double Trap and possibly two other shooting events from future Olympic games — a political move that could result in the subsequent removal of all Olympic-style shooting events from the venue. This action comes under the guise of eliminating gender inequality from the games through the IOC’s agenda to ensure 50/50 gender participation by 2020. However, no alternative considerations, such as; adding women’s double trap back into the venue or converting doubles trap into a men and women’s team competition, have been brought to the table to meet the IOC agenda.

Perhaps most alarming is that the USOC’s motivation seems to be securing the bid for Los Angeles as host of the 2024 games. USOC CEO Scott Blackmun has urged USA Shooting to not participate in the ISSF vote, citing that there are already enough votes to eliminate double trap and that USA Shooting’s participation in the vote could hurt the chances of Los Angeles being awarded the games.

The firearms industry has made a sizable investment in USA Shooting over the last two decades to help create heroes for young shooters and to show the safe and positive use of firearms to the public. NSSF is urging USA Shooting to participate the Tuesday’s vote to keep doubles trap and to save their own sport. NSSF asks firearms industry members to contact USA Shooting and offer support.

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