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April 18, 2019

Industry Summit Hot Topic: Paving Easy Street

In today’s business world, “customer service” is a term that gets a great deal of attention. “They can buy the product anywhere, so sell them with service!” is the battle cry. There’s a lot of merit to that — who doesn’t want to buy the things they want from the people and places that deliver the best service along with the goods? But what’s really at the core of exceptional service today is convenience.

Shep Hyken
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Amazon is the King of Convenience. Uber and Lyft mimicked its approach, providing transportation in taxi-starved areas to the disruption of an entire industry. Perhaps the most remarkable industry to put convenience at the forefront — and in an ironic throwback to the convenience of grocery and farm-fresh milk home deliveries of the 1950s — has been the supermarket. All you have to do is fill out an online form and presto, there’s a delivery truck in your driveway with your broccoli and brioche. Tangent industries supply complete meals in pieces or wholly. No waiting in traffic, no lines, no price checks — and sometimes now not even any chopping and sautéing.

The various segments of the firearms industry are no different than others when it comes to the important role customer service plays in staying ahead of the competition. The firearms and ammo you’re selling aren’t remarkably different in price from the ammo and firearms in the store down the road, so customer service can win the day. But to do that consistently, it’s no longer enough to provide better service. That better service must be streamlined, faster — even effortless — if the client is to remain yours.

Our 2019 Industry Summit attendees seeking to attract and retain clients are poised to learn a great deal about this new approach to customer service with Shep Hyken’s seminar, “The Convenience Revolution.” Hyken is a customer service and experience expert and the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations, a consulting firm that teaches businesses of all shapes and sizes new ways to excel at delivering exceptional customer service. A New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and a National Speakers Association Hall of Fame inductee for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession, Hyken is the creator of The Customer Focus™, a training program that helps clients develop a customer service culture and loyalty mindset. Just a few of his hundreds of clients include Anheuser-Busch, Disney, Lexus and Merrill Lynch.

NSSF is also currently working with Hyken, and we promise you, his dynamic presentations produce tremendous audience engagement and tangible, readily deployable strategies team members embrace because they see how well they work. Bottom line, you will leave his seminar wanting to put his practices into play.

Registration for the 2019 Industry Summit is now open, and Hyken is just one of many dynamic speakers scheduled to address our industry’s decision makers. Don’t miss out, reserve your seat now. As a reminder, early bird pricing for the Summit is in effect through June 1, and those who complete their hotel room reservations at our host hotel, the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, by May 11 also receive a discounted rate.










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