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June 27, 2014

Hunting Works for America Expands to Include Wisconsin

Hunting Works for WisconsinFrom the mountains of Utah, to the grassy plains of Iowa, to the forests of Pennsylvania Hunting Works For America has been educating the public and policy makers about the economic impacts of hunting for 4 years now. I am pleased to say that we have added yet another state to our roster and will now be uniting stakeholders and educating policy-makers in Wisconsin. Hunting Works for Wisconsin is the eighth state to join the program, previously we have launched in Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah.

By now I hope everyone reading this blog is familiar with our Hunting Works For America program and how truly important hunting and the shooting sports are to our state and local economies. But just in case I will give you the short version of our message: hunters spend money and lots of it!

Our newest state is an excellent example of just how much hunters spend on their sport of choice. In Wisconsin hunters spend $2.6 billion annually. The average hunter in Wisconsin spends $2,800 a year on hunting, and there are 895,000 hunters in Wisconsin. All that spending supports 34,000 jobs and provides $228 million in state and local taxes. No one understands these facts better than the businesses that have eagerly joined Hunting Works For Wisconsin.

At NSSF we are excited to continue growing the Hunting Works For America program. The more people we can reach and educate about hunting and the shooting sports the better. Too many people simply don’t understand the impact these activities have on businesses and the economy. The businesses in Wisconsin that joined our new partnership have seen the benefits hunters provide and they are committed to sharing their stories and experiences to continue growing this important sector of our economy.

Hunting Works For America is more important than ever with attacks on traditional hunting increasing every year. The Hunting Works program is here to tell people that hunters are not the enemies of wildlife; we are the natural and original protectors of America’s wild places. The money hunters spend on hunting licenses, fees and taxes pays for conservation efforts. The money collected by the Pittman-Robertson Act, an excise tax on hunting equipment, is distributed to states every year for land purchases, habitat rehabilitation and hunter safety classes. As a hunter myself, I strongly support wildlife conservation so that people for generations to come will be able to enjoy the same wild places I have enjoyed.

We are looking forward to working with our new partners in Wisconsin and the thousands of hunters that call the state home as well. If you hunt in Wisconsin and are interested in getting more information about our newest chapter check out the website,, becoming a partner is completely free.

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