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October 3, 2012

Have you ever thought about opening a firearms retail shop or shooting range?

NSSF Customized Market Report sample cover
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While many segments of the U.S. economy have lagged over the past few years, the firearms and ammunition industry continues to buck the trend and push forward with strong sales and broad customer interest.

Many American entrepreneurs have identified this fact and have opened up new firearm retail shops or target shooting ranges. In fact, according to data collected from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the number of Type 01 (defined as Dealer in Firearms) Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs) in the United States increased by more than 1,500 — from 47,411 in January 2010 to 48,987 in February 2012.

Much research and due diligence is required when looking into any new venture, and opening a firearm retail shop or shooting range is no exception.

You may have heard that three of the most important words when opening a business are “Location, Location, Location”. Collecting data on a location is imperative but can be daunting. NSSF can help.

A Customized Market Report from NSSF provides a variety of information within a radius of a specific street address. Each report (which average 80 pages) includes an executive summary, a “potential market” page and demographic information, in addition to lists and maps pinpointing industry-related retailers, law enforcement, FFLs and shooting ranges within your radius.

NSSF has created more than 500 CMRs in the past few years to great reviews. Gary DeGeorge Jr. of Atlanta Range and Ordnance in Newnan, Ga., tells us, “I ordered a Customized Market Report from NSSF to help assist me with my research prior to opening Atlanta Range & Ordnance. I found the report to be a valuable tool and it complimented the other research I had done, as well as provided me with an enormous amount of information not available from other sources. Another benefit of the report came when trying to obtain funding. My banker wanted some additional information on the location I had selected and its potential customer base. When I presented her the CMR, she was very impressed and I believe it helped me secure the loan. I’d recommend others interested in opening a range or store to look into ordering a CMR.”

For additional information, visit or contact Dianne Vrablic, NSSF research coordinator, at or 203-426-1320.

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