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August 14, 2020

GLOCK Donates ‘New Shooter’ Gearbox for National Shooting Sports Month

NEWTOWN, Conn.—NSSF®, the firearm industry trade association, is pleased to announce that GLOCK has agreed to sponsor a “New Shooter” Gearbox Giveaway in support of 2020’s National Shooting Sports Month®.

Founded by Gaston Glock in the 1980s, GLOCK, Inc., is recognized worldwide for producing a wide range of high-quality, striker-fired pistols. The first model to hit U.S. shores, the GLOCK 17 in 9mm, is now in its fifth incarnation and is joined by many other models denoted as GLOCK’s Gen5 firearms. With its U.S. headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia, the company currently produces more than 50 handgun models for consumer, military and law enforcement use, those models running the gamut from a model in .22 LR to GLOCK’s own .45 G.A.P. chambering.

The 2020 National Shooting Sports Month GLOCK “New Shooter” Gearbox Giveaway, valued at nearly $4,000, includes:

2 GLOCK 44 .22 LR pistols
1 One-on-one training session with GLOCK Professional instructor and a trip to the GLOCK factory
1 G44 12-ounce tumbler kit
1 G44 threaded barrel kit
1 G44 long-sleeve T-shirt
2 G44 targets
1 G44 Promo Media Box (exclusive, only 30 produced)
1 double pistol case
1 Electronic Ear Pro hearing protection
1 grey bench mat
1 black ranger mesh hat
1 GLOCK Perfection patch
1 G44 patch
3 GLOCK Perfection decals
1 Gen5 range towel
1 GLOCK disassembly tool
1 GLOCK SAFE ACTION aluminum sign

“GLOCK is truly dedicated to getting more people involved in target shooting and the shooting sports—who else would giveaway not one, but two pistols?” said Zach Snow, NSSF Director, Retail & Range Business Development. “We hope whoever wins this takes that to heart and asks someone new to join them on the range to experience just how safe and enjoyable our shooting sports are.”

“GLOCK is excited to participate in the 2020 National Shooting Sports Month by giving away a New-Shooter Gearbox, said Shelby Lasater, Director of Marketing. “We recognized the need from our brand enthusiasts for a .22 LR pistol and introduced the G44 in 2020. This provides an increased opportunity to encourage and share sport shooting with others.”

National Shooting Sports Month, a celebration of the shooting sports and the firearm industry, takes place throughout the month of August. Firearms ranges and FFL retailers across the country have listed hundreds of events, classes, shoots and promotions on the calendar at That calendar interacts directly with NSSF’s website, which consumers use to discover the August events taking place in their communities. Ranges and retailers are encouraged to continue adding their August activities to the calendar here, and when they do, NSSF will send those businesses a promotional package that includes shirts and hats.

Additional Gearbox Giveaway sponsorships are available. For more information on how these sponsorships and your involvement in National Shooting Sports Month benefit both your business and the firearm industry at large, contact Zach Snow at or 203-426-1320 ext. 224.


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