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June 6, 2022

Get Ready for the 2022 NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo

By Carolee Anita Boyles

The 2022 NSSF® Range-Retailer Business ExpoTM in New Orleans is coming up fast, but you still have time to register for both the educational sessions and the trade show July 11-13. Smaller and more intimate than the SHOT Show®, the Expo provides an opportunity for range owners and retailers to sit down face to face with vendors and have detailed conversations that aren’t always possible in the rush of SHOT.

Making Connections & Expanding Business

Ryan Repp, Vice President of Marketing at Crow Shooting Supply, said last year’s Expo, which was held in West Palm Beach, Florida, was a great success for him. He went into it planning to use the event as an opportunity to make connections and came out of it with a lot of new business.

“I went with the idea of meeting ranges and retailers,” he said. “Our wholesale shooting supply company had never attended, and it seemed on strategy for us. Our intention was just to go and see if we could meet some new accounts.”

Return on Investment

Repp went home having done much more than just having met new accounts. By his estimate, the return on the trip was 250 times what the company spent sending him and his colleagues to the Expo.

“We signed up some real nice accounts there,” he said.

A Focused Market

Taylor Phillips, Executive Director of Payments for Gearfire, said one of the things that’s attractive to him about the Expo is that it’s a focused market.

“It’s geared for ranges and retailers specifically,” he said. “It’s smaller and has a more intimate feeling than the SHOT Show does, and there are a lot of people who attend who have new build-outs or who are looking to build a range. With our services in point-of-sale, ecommerce and payment processing, that’s the perfect time to be talking to people. This is another opportunity to showcase our products to customers with a targeted demographic.”

Pat Dispenza, VP Sales, Marketing and Purchasing at ArmChar Wholesale, agreed.

“Coming to the Expo means exposure to a set of customers where you know who you’re dealing with,” he said. “Range operators have some of the larger businesses, and this gives us an opportunity to talk with them.”

Expanding Reach

Some companies attend the Expo to extend their reach from just retailers to ranges as well.

Repp said Crow Shooting Supply is going to increase its involvement in the Expo for 2022.

“We’re going to sponsor some more events,” he said. “We’re going to come out in a bigger way to give back to the industry and hope that comes back in the same way.”

Repp said companies shouldn’t hesitate about attending the Expo.

“You should absolutely consider the money you spend on it as an investment in your business,” he said.

Range owners and retailers need to be there also, Repp said.

“There are a lot of great companies there who are ready to hear about your problems and help you identify solutions,” he said.

Opportunities to exhibit at the Range-Retailer Business Expo are still available. See the expo floorplan and contact Chris Tatulli at [email protected].

For general information about the Range-Retailer Business Expo, including registration and hotel resources, a list of exhibitors and the agenda, see the Expo website:

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