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August 9, 2018

The Future of Endemic Media

CMO Summit panelists will discuss the future of endemic media

The way Americans consume media is changing by the day, and the way we approach marketing and advertising is evolving with it. The mobile revolution has come and stayed, and those who don’t adapt, will be left behind.

Is the death of print greatly exaggerated? How is the hunting and shooting audience consuming information now and how is it evolving? Where should we as marketers be focusing to ensure we’re reaching the right audiences?

At the CMO Summit, you’ll get answers to these questions and many more from some of our industry’s top media companies as they provide a look at the state of endemic media and where we are headed.

Moderated by Bill Dunn, NSSF Managing Director, Marketing Communications, panelists include Jeff Siegel, Media Lodge; Mike Carney, Outdoor Sportsman Group; Greg Gatto, Bonnier Corp.; Paula Iwanski, FMG Publications; Derrick Nawrocki, Grand View Outdoors.


Haven’t registered yet for the CMO Summit? You won’t want to miss it! View the full agenda and register today.

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