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July 10, 2009

Educate Your Community

Have you ever thought about giving a talk to your local Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis or other service organization to gain their appreciation for some aspect of hunting or recreational shooting? It's a great way to build understanding at the community level of our culture and activities.

One topic the average person probably knows little about (despite considerable efforts to make it known by NSSF and other organizations) is the connection between hunting and wildlife conservation–how game and non-game species alike have benefited from a remarkable system of hunter-funded support for more than 100 years.

You have a great story to tell. And what audience doesn't support protecting wildlife and wild places?

To assist in your presentation there are several new communications tools on the National Hunting and Fish Day Web site, such as a nicely produced, automated PowerPoint presentation, fact sheets about species and animal trivia games. (If public speaking is not your forte but you want to make the effort anyway, just show the presentation, which contains optional audio, and use the handouts.)

Another item that is offered on the Web site can serve as a conversation starter–wristbands that say Hunt. Shoot. Fish. Share The Pride. Their eye-catching color is sure to prompt a question from a non-sportsman co-worker or even a stranger, giving you the opportunity to explain that hunters generate $100,000 for conservation every 30 minutes, that land which is probably very close to where you live has been preserved for the enjoyment of wildlife by all because of the license fees and excise taxes paid by hunters and shooters, and other conservation facts that can foster positive attitudes about hunting and shooting.

Always on the fourth Saturday of September, National Hunting & Fishing Day is September 26 this year. No need to wait, though. You can give your presentation anytime because wildlife conservation happens year-round.

View the PowerPoint presentation.

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