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February 20, 2013

“Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” Straw Purchase Awareness Store of the Year

"Don't Lie for the Other Guy"At the 2013 SHOT Show University, Glenn Duncan, owner of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop in Bay City, Mich., was presented NSSF’s “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” Straw Purchase Awareness Store of the Year award. The award is given to the firearms retailer who puts forth an exemplary effort to educate and enforce straw purchase awareness with staff, fellow retailers and the general public.

The Don’t Lie for the Other Guy program was created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) in partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in July 2000. This national campaign was designed to prevent and discourage illegal “straw man” purchases of firearms.

Since then, firearms retailers throughout the United States have learned how to better identify potential straw purchasers. At the same time, in over 35 media markets selected ATF the public has learned the severe consequences of illegally purchasing a firearm for someone who cannot legally possess one or who does not want to have his or her name associated with the transaction.

In a letter to NSSF, then ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson expressed the bureau’s sincere gratitude to NSSF for its “noteworthy contributions and key involvement in the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy program.” Acting Director Melson went on to state that “the recent expansion of the program to focus on educating prospective straw purchasers through a variety of public medium, such as billboards, is crucial to the success of this program” and that the campaign “is an important tool for [ATF] as we pursue our mission of preventing terrorism, reducing violent crime, and protecting the public.”

Duncan, in supporting the “Don’t Lie” message, has routinely educated his staff on the potential signs of straw purchases using the NSSF’s videos that highlight the different techniques employed to conduct these illegal purchases. You can view these videos.

"Don't Lie for the Other Guy" Award
Patrick Shay, NSSF Director of Retail Development presents Glenn Duncan of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy 2012 Retailer of the Year award

Furthermore, Duncan has displayed the materials from the “Don’t Lie” kits to in his store to further educate his staff and to alert the public that Duncan’s Outdoor Shop is actively participating in this straw purchase awareness program. These kits contain posters, shelf talkers, counter mats, life-size cutouts, informational sheets on the program and two DVDs. The kits are free from NSSF to any FFL holder. (Please contact Ann Siladi at for your free kit).

Duncan is also the president of the Michigan Association of Firearms Retailers (MIAFR), and in that role he has actively promoted the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy program in a series of four MIAFR meetings held across the state. These meetings, held in cooperation with the Michigan State Police and the ATF, were designed to help educate the firearms retailers about the Don’t Lie program and how they could participate to reduce the number of straw purchases in Michigan.

Without question, Glenn Duncan has been an excellent role model for all firearms retailers by demonstrating his continued support for the “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” campaign by educating his staff, fellow retailers and the public about the illegality and consequences of straw purchases.

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