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December 16, 2013

December 2013 Range Report Available Online

Last week, the December 2013 edition of The Range Report, NSSF’s E-magazine for shooting facilities, was posted at its website, You’ll find features and departments aimed to help improve your range. Take a look:

From corporate meetings to weddings, your range can do more business than meets the eye.

Go to school on these real-life examples of collegiate shooting facilities and on the advice of those who run them.

NSSF is administering a great new event to build range traffic. Get in on this opportunity!

Sighting In

Are you interested in motivating or improving your staff? That is the topic of one of a dozen courses at the SHOT Show designed to improve your business. View the full schedule of classes and sign up now.

NSSF and Cabela’s Inc. have announced a new partnership to promote firearm safety in support of NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program, making Cabela’s the latest on a growing list of industry leaders that have endorsed and supported the program this year. You can come on board. Learn how.

With the holidays just around the corner, shooters, plinkers, hunters and collectors might wish to share their enjoyment by making a gift of a firearm to a family member or friend. Remind those folks of some important points you can find here.


Three well-respected range representatives describe what has worked best for them—and maybe could provide positive results for you as well.

The Undercover Shooter

Even in vast Montana, 500-yard-or-greater shooting opportunities are limited.

Home on the Range

If you are concerned with the future of shooting, then make your mark at this planned gathering in Springfield, Mass., June 9-11. Find out where the industry is in meeting its goal of increased participation and learn about the successful techniques some have used to get us there—successes that can serve as models for you.

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