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June 3, 2009

Day 2 at the Shooting Sports Summit

It was a busy day yesterday packed with strategies and ideas suggested by attendees in the area of Youth Programs, Retention and Recruitment/Reactivation for hunters and shooters. The best of those strategies were selected in a polling at the end of the day and will serve as a directional template for Task Force 20/20 going forward. 

Today Day 2 of the Summit will consider the issues of Access and Opportunity and the all-important Coordinating Efforts, along with the potential formation of an organization that will consider new funding opportunities to help fuel the marketing campaigns that were suggested in yesterday's sessions on Youth Programs, Recruitment and Retention/Reactivation.

This morning's keynote speaker is Paul Gillin, author of "Secrets of Social Media Marketing, who, given the importance of promoting hunting and target shooting to youth audiences and building communities of support, should be of major interest to the Summit audience.

Again, live streaming of Paul Gillin's talk and other segments of the Summit are available at

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