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April 8, 2019

Could Podcasting help your Business?

By Michelle Scheuermann

After listening to a few podcasts, you might have asked yourself if should you take advantage of this platform as a marketing tool of your business. Not only can this specific form of social media further engage current customers and enhance your business as their go-to resource, but podcasts can also quickly become a vehicle for connecting with new customers and improving your community and demographic outreach.

In this video, Michelle Scheuermann, owner of BulletProof Communications, shares the many business benefits of podcasting. From firearm reviews to how-tos, podcasts can be a way to demonstrate to your customers the depth and breadth of your firearms and training knowledge, which can go a long way towards building your brand as a go-to resource that customers seek out.

Podcasts have taken off in the last few years. Even though they’ve been around for nearly a decade, this recent bloom in the format’s usage has led to an influx of genre- and niche-specific broadcasts that share insights on everything from how to bag a deer and entrepreneur tips to social media and marketing insights for firearms industry members. Podcasts can be useful to retailers in several ways. From a listening standpoint, you can learn something new about what consumers are thinking, buying and doing in the field in a relatively short amount of time — listen on your way to and from your store, during your lunch hour, whenever you have a spare 10 to 30 minutes. Check out some podcast worth your time.

But before you jump in to buy a microphone set-up and Google “how to start a podcast” (which will show you tons of options) here are a few pros and cons to consider.

Podcasts are one of many marketing tools important to providing added value to your current customers, as well as reach new ones, they can be one more element that makes your business a go-to resource.

About the Author
Michelle Scheuermann is the owner of BulletProof Communications, LLC. You can listen to her own industry podcast, “Back at the Lodge,” at

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