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July 30, 2019

Club Pride — Range Membership Programs That Win the Day

While most public ranges in private hands are exactly that, open to the public, those that are most successful realize a steady stream of revenue through their membership programs. Now, such a program could be as simple as a one-time, up-front fee and unlimited priority range use for six months or a year. It could also be as complex as one that offers a distinct benefit packages for any number of client groups, from individuals, families, law enforcement or military, corporations, “VIPs,” seniors or any other category one wishes to create. Regardless, when they’re done right, a well-structured membership program builds customer loyalty and a sense of community, which in turns becomes ongoing cash flow.

How do you decide what membership structure is right for your range? We invited Richard Abramson to join us for the 2019 Range-Retailer Business Expo to tell how he did it. Abramson is the founder and General Manager of Colorado’s Centennial Gun Club, an NSSF Five-Star range whose parking lot is packed and doors swing steadily from open to close. Abramson gives much credit to the range’s success to its tremendously popular membership structure, and during his presentation “Establishing a Robust Membership Program” he’ll detail the research and planning that brought it to fruition. There’s much to learn here whether you have five lanes or 50, and what you take home and put to work can pave the path for increased range use and product sales — and a wealth of clients who tell all their friends about the club they belong to.

Richard AbramsonEstablishing a Robust Membership Program

Date/Time: Tuesday Aug. 20, 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

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